Pink, Baby Pink Girl


Why so serious? Seize the day and enjoy 😀

Holla everyone… hope you doing good today, taking care of your good health in this rainy and fall winter season in the other side of the world.

It’s been a while, hope you missed me already 😛 It just another post on the blog. Ahhh.. it definitely the right moment for you and your family to gather in the long long holiday week, spending time.. celebrating holiday untill new year, actually i’m just so jealous ;(

But that’s okay, don’t be sad dee.. you will have the right time to gather with your family again next eid mubarak insha allah. Waiting for a year all alone it’s not easy.. I really missed my mom and dad, also my sister that i really not get along with her well, sometimes even i didn’t even know her really well.

Anyway busway.. Pink, baby pink girl. A girl in a pink outfits, I used to wear this color, but these days it’s a bit forgotten.. tryin to wear this kinda cute color and you’ll gonna look also even cutiest 😀 hahaaa just so confident! yeeeay that’s okay.

You know what guyss, it’s for girls rule yaa of course : If you wanna look feminine or cute, or girly look in a glance.. just so simple – wearing something pink is always works it out. Adding a touch of pink will give you such different style.. just try it even you don’t like this color, you could combine it with another your favourite color.

But anyway in this modern and dynamic change, men also likes this color to show their wealth and cute look. Just tryin to wear something pink like sweater, t-shirt, shirt or even pink color trousers and outerwear to look different. It needs a courage to wear this kinda pink color.. and yeaay it works also for you guys gentlemen!.

See yaa next post dear guysss!!! that’s just a simple tips from me and just ignore my chubby cheeks, that’s a throwback pic anyway 😀

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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