Narsisme Generation, Are You?


Social life? You mean my phone? 😛

Olla guysss.. hi everyone..! How are you today? hope you doing good, taking care of your good health, always gratefull and of course keep on your faith to face whatever challenge in your life.

Why challenge? it just the right words to make everything just fun, whatever your obstacle is, just keep strong enough to stand even in the middle of hurricane, you know what the rainbow is also appear after the rain.. the storm will pass by.

Anyway busway.. today’s post is more about Narsisme. Realized or not, some people stuck in their narsisme, narcissist, narcissistic, or whatever you called it.. you might be the one.

In this Celfie Generation, narsisme of course be the one case also for people who really loves himself, themself more than anything. It can be too much and they even not realized.. started to ignore others, they just too bussy to even thinking about themself.

Narsisme Generation, are you? before judging others, just look into ourself.. look in the mirror and ask to yourself.

Narsisme is not just for people who really too much takin celfie, yeaah they might narcistic, narsisme.. but that’s okay if just not too much. We can care bout ourself because it’s a must, but just remember when it comes to “too much”, that words is not means always good.

Know the symtoms of narsisme and if you just want to change what kind of your bad habbit related to it, I believe there’s nothing too late to cure.

Start to care about others, do not too attached to your phone, do not idolize yourself too much.. getting involve in your neighbour’s environment and starting to make a conversations, a group disscussion, and anything you love to, to make a simple change that even matters.

It starts when you have a good intention. Narsisme is good.. but it’s not health anymore when it just will make you even away from your lovely peoples around you.

You need others, sometimes.. you need a shoulder to relying, even you believe that you just strong enough.. have enough power, wealth.. that smart and brilliant things.. but still it is important to love and be loved by others around you.

That kind of affections, compassion.. will cure you for sure from that narsisme, narcissist, and realized that it can melt in the way you starts to break that habbits.

Be the new you.. health narsisme is OKAY! Cheeseee and smile… cekrek.. cekrek.. 😀 LOL Just for fun anyway!!!

See yaa next post dear guysss…! XOXO

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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