Hey Girl, Stay Cool!


 Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about 😀

Holla everyone…! How are you today? I hope you doing good, stay healthy and keep on spirit as always to face whatever challenge in life.

Today’s post is about random actually kekekee… You know what, sometimes we need time with ourself, because even if you had a girlfriend/ boyfriend.. you just need time to just chill in, to understand more bout yourself.. what you’ve been through and that’s just will improve your quality of yourself, to be better of course, and that’s just one of the reason.

Hey Girl, Stay Cool! You know what, it’s just a words reminder for me.. when I saw peoples around gather with their family, friends, or even their boyfriend just like on behind pic of me. I don’t wanna be sad, I just wanna stay cool.. I’m alone it’s not beacause I’m a goal keeper anyway 😛 LOL.

It’s because.. yes, actually more of my time from the past and until now.. mostly spending by myself, alone.. sometimes even not with my family.. sometimes just try to gather or try to just blend with others people around.

Sometimes, I felt it just so difficult.. why and why I’m keep questioning, but then I realized that this is the path that I really need to walk with strong. I realized sometimes not just bad or good peoples around, there’s also fake person.. so even till now, rare and rare I found a real good friend.

I might too comfy with myself, even I’m not that close to my only sister.. because again and again as you know we just seldom to meet and spending time together, the one thing that I remember when I’m used at home is I always be blamed of what’s my sister’s fault.. sorry guys! I’m not tryin to “curhat” a.k.a I dunno what to say in English 😀 it’s like what we keep all in our heart just so long time, and just silent.. but I take all that, it’s because I just keepin all this time, so yeaay I just really feels good to just write it here, nothing to lose..

Hey Girl, Stay Cool! that words just reminds me to keep stay cool, tryin to remove all my bad temper.. be patient and more more patient.. and of course learn to loving myself more. Because with that control mind, I just hope could have more love to spread to others around.

About me and my sista, I’m gonna let you know more on the different post, if you just enjoy to hear my story.. but even you’re not just really thank you, just wanna stopping by here you guyss!!! Love yaa..


Ps: Just ignore my wrinkling face, the sun is shining so bright anyway 😛

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