Flowy Dress (Love inspired)


I stucked in the clear water pool, already wet.. and swim too deep. Can I swim to the shore? 😛

Olla again.. how are you? Hope you doing well and keep maintain your body during this transitional season. Just smile and enjoy the day.. 🙂

It just another simple outfit post on the blog. Flowy.. flow with the flower hahaa who doesn’t love flowers? mostly girls will like it.

Flowy little dress can be an alternative outfits that you can wear during summer vibes, something flowy is also fit in any occassion. If you kinda girly person, than flower motif on your hijab or dress or even on your skirt is just perfecto..!

Flowy dress give a feminine look in a glance and sweet look. If you still don’t feel sweet enough just add some sugars then hahaa kidding 😀 LOL. You just as sweet and lovely as the flower on your dress.. just be confidence of being who trully you are.

Hmm just a little tips, for you who is having small body, just try wearing peplum top with flowery motif and pair it with long skirt, and you’ll look taller. Don’t be afraid to mix and match it with your character choices.

Flowy dress (love inspired) and swing..swing and yeaaaaayy.. you just feel like a sweet girl in the flowery garden. Feel the cheers that the outfits bring and spread love to others.. Go flower power!

Ps: Just pardon if the camera loses it focus 😀

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