Deep blue girl (in action)


When I feel a little down, I put on my favorite high heels and dance 😀

Hi guysss…! how have you been? I hope you doing good in the rainy season, just taking care of your good health anyway because some region there floods everywhere. Just take care and aware, don’t forget to spread love and happiness to others around.

It just another outfit post on the blog. Deep blue girl (in action). She just so spontaneous, sometimes she just tryin to be funny even sometimes not making people laugh at all 😛

Blue is another favourite color, because blue is so wide and everywhere, in some places here.. blue color is symbolized as the color of water.

I found in places like dams, rivers, and near the oase.. there must be a bridge, a fence that painted so blue.. just the same like the sea or the color of the waters. Sometimes.. yaaa, I just wondering why thy’re not paint it with another color, that’s just so funny because my minds not make any senses hahaaaa because of that reason of course all must be painted in blue.. some in deep blue color.

You know what.. blue color is also the right color when you wanted to bold your skin color look. Wearing blue on your face, like me covering it with deep blue color hijab can make your face even look brighter without using any make up touch.

So because of that, if you’re someone who really just like simple things, blue is an instant color that can be an alternative pick for you to look even more lovely. Just try it! Don’t be afraid yaaay!.

I’m a girl and I like blue color, that color is not just for men signature color.. it’s also fits for gurls who really like something natural, something blue, free soul and minds and just so okay and just fine loving this one of magical color.

Ps: Just ignore my chubby cheeks, it just a throwback pic 😛

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