Dating Outfits (For Girls)


Still looking for happiness in the same place you just lost it.

Olla guys..! How are you today? Hope you doing good today and yeeay always enjoy in everything even your day is not as good as you predicting, but that’s okay.. all will just passed on. Just don’t give up and keep fighting!!!

It just another outfit post on the blog. Dating Outfits? Hmm that’s such interesting topics 😀 Actually not that dating in formal, it just casual look and simple tips when you just wanna meet someone special, it’s not juts for boyfriend.. no, friend is also special or even family in the first meet.

It just simple tips actually for you to meet someone in the very first time. First rule: Numero uno of course simple. Just wear something simple in the first meet, even black and white, monochrome color is just perfect.

Why? Because we don’t want the other person or people in the first meet to think much and just focus to who really you are, not too focuses to the clothes instead.

Second: Starting Conversation – If you just so awkward and not really confident enough, just trying to start a simple conversation. It will instantly remove your awkward moment into smiley and then the conversation is just flows.

Third: Don’t cut the conversation – When the person in front of you starts to talking, don’t even interrupt or disturbing, just let it until it finish and your turns to talks will come 🙂

Dating outfits is not that complicated one, do not thinking of over thinking 😀 for me in Islam we even didn’t know what is dating itself.. They said there is no dating but ta’aruf. But for me it’s just okay meeting someone in person like dynamic muslimah now, not that too strict or old anyway.

For me it just sharing some simple tips anyway, nothing wrong in writing such tips right 😀 Yeaay See yaa next post guyss!

Ps: Just ignore the chubby cheeks.. don’t look it at all, just don’t 😛

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