Coffe tone hijab trend


I don’t need a boyfriend.. I just need a life partner 😛

Holla again.. how have you been? I hope you doing good and keep staying healthy.

It just another outfit post on the blog, Coffe tone hijab trend. Lately something coffe tone color is really hits right now.. yaaa this kinda natural hijab color is suit also for the fall color in the other side of the other country.

Just a simple tips, try to use from the bright color like cream and mix and match it with the deep color like mocca, brown, dark brown, mustard and just play with some gold accessories like belt, shoes, neklace, etc.. that will make you look luxurious and of course complete the look.

If you just that simple person and don’t want too complicated, just mix and match the coffe tone hijab with monochrome clothes and yeayy.. you’re ready to go and stay fashionable even on the street 🙂

Shows who you are through fashion and shine gurls. Don’t be afraid to reveal your own beauty by wearing hijab 😀

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