Celfie Generation, Are You?


Any room is a panic room if you’ve lost your phone in it πŸ˜›

Holla everyone.. how are you today? hope you doing well, keep on spirit to face whatever challenge in your life. Just don’t forget to smile and treat yourself dear guyss πŸ˜€

Today’s post is Celfie Generation, are you? Heheee it’s about youth generations nowadays, the generations of today a.k.a “kekinian”, and almost all young even not just for young generations.. even for all generations in this century starting a celfie, selfie, taking picture in front of your camera by yourself even using celfie stick photo.. or whatever. It’s celfie generation, are you?

Who doesn’t love to taking pictures, from artist to president.. even not just for ordinary people, high school students, working mom.. everywhere, in every place.. every room.. arrgghh everywhere, every spot even not wasted πŸ˜€

I called today’s generation is celfie. People love to taking picture of themself in every corner of the place, something different.. something unique.. something messed up, even something big big thing.. something happening, something kinda weirdos, and even something crazy πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

Celfie generation, are you? Just make it fun dear guyss anway.. celfie, yaaa it’s an activity that really fun to do, but when it comes to “too much” and make you ignore your love one, it might not even fun anymore..

It’s something that is really really happening these days, in this 21st Century.. in this era, taking a celfie even is a must.. everyone just simply can do it and it just like a fever, it is really contagious.

Whatever your camera phone is, whether is it SLR type, DSLR, your mirrorless, even pocket camera.. or whatever sophisticated camera.. all can be a great tools to make a celfie effect, to making a good pictures.. in any places. Wow.. it just cool how celfie generation today’s makin a tremendous big hits.

So, Celfie Generation, are you? What kind of type celfie you are dear guysss? do you also love to takin celfie pic.. Hmm I wonderin how good your poses are when it comes to awkward face hehee LOL Just for fun anyway! πŸ˜›

See yaa next post dear guyss!!! XOXO Just don’t to attached to your phone, and makin sure that you’re really careful in takin a celfie by yourself. Safety First.. πŸ˜€

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