Bold Girl with Bold Color


Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about 😀

Holla everyone..! how have you been? it’s been a while actually heheee. I hope you doing good as always and face everything that comes to an end.

It just another post on the blog. Bold Girl with Bold Color,, yeeaaa bold girl, brave, having faith.. we need some positive minds to keep on the track right.

Bold color is just perfect to boostering your mood. You know what guys,, when your activity is full time and you just no time to even get a break, that would make your body  sick and sometimes for some people no excuses to keep work.

That just okaay guuysss if you need to deal with that, you know what the one super simple tips to covered you from being sick is using or wearing bold color. Why?

First. It’s definitely would booster your mood..

Second. It will keep you on spirit and creative..

Third. You just will be okay..

Wearing bold color will instantly covered your sick face, your tired face, even your messed up face 😛 You will just okaay wearing bold color and having bold look.

Hmm what about you guyss? ready to be bold? Just try to mix and match and wearing your favourite bold color.. be bold and just shine you guysss!.

For you muslimah, don’t forget to complete your look with hijab. If you’re the one that really love to wear something bold.. it’s just fits you.

I used to wear bold color, but now not that often anymore.. if you need some bold color hijab, there’s some on my home 😀 You could pick up on yourself anyway hehee..

See yaa next post guysss! Just don’t be afraid to be different, be someone who really on fire with full of spirit.. be bold is good, but please don’t forget just not too much.

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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