Be yourself and shine!


People used to laugh at me when I would say “I want to be a comedian”, well nobody’s laughing now 😛

Holla… how are you? hope you doing fine today? Today’s is 4 November, there is a big event of mass orations here in Indonesia, I just hope that everything is doing smooth and walk in peace to keeping unity of this nation aamiin.

It just another post on the blog. Just be yourself and shine yeaay! Yeaah of course we don’t need to be somebody else, we need to be truth of who really are.

Revealing and trying to be honest to ourself. Starts to love yourself and making our self esteem higher for always thinking positive in any conditions.

We don’t need to change like what people’s thought if that is just not suit with what you are. We want to change because it just good for ourself.. for your goodness.

Be fun.. be yourself and shine! find your own style and don’t be afraid of what people think bout you, because no matter what your hair favourite color is, wearing hijab or not.. it just you anyway 😀

People can comments, they might now who you are..but not your real story, so just keep calm and be yourself yeaay!. It’s fun to reveal who really you are than hiding on a wall 😛

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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