Batik – Signature Fabric of Indonesia


Do not be sad of what they’re saying, this universe not belongs to them 😛

Hi… how are you today? hope you doing well as always 🙂 don’t forget to keeping your body and enjoy in everything.

Today’s post is about Batik. Do you know this kind of fabrics? it’s our precious legacy of Indonesia, yaah it’s kinda our signature fabrics. Why? it’s because Batik is just like our identity of fashion, having our originally fabrics made by the hands of Indonesian crafters.

Batik is passed through the generation and until now it keeps continue to wear in any occassion. It fits for casual and formal.. whatever the ocassion is, is just fits because nowadays there so many modern design and variety in model, also developments in the motif itself.

It just colorful, natural, classic.. whatever you like you will find because there so many options in choosing what is the right Batik you wanna wear, you can mix and match it and fit s it with your character.

Try to come to Indonesia to make your own unique and etchnique Batik.. from originaly written by hand, print, cap.. just like stamp on the fabrics, tie dye and so many techniques in making it. With traditional or even nowadays some already replaced by modern machines.

It just beautiful how the history, culture.. could blend on fabrics that home made by Indonesian. We proud that we have Batik as our fabrics signature and it’s already well known to the world. So many great designers from Indonesia who already succeded bringing Batik to the International runaway.

How do you think? do you ever heard or even wear Batik as your daily or special occassion? Just let me know and share your story.. It would be interesting for young people who loves to using Batik. Well yeaah.. See yaa next post guys!

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