Asia’s Next Top Model (Hijab)

If you never step forward, you’ll always be in the same place…

I always wondering why there’s no Asia’s next top model with hijab version? Hahaaa It just in my mind actually.. that would be great I think and of course I will try to register in to it (and even if I failed in the first audition hahahaaa I will keep fighting) πŸ˜› Knowing that muslimah also can perform and show their kind of beauty fashion by wearing hijab.

Yes we have pageant contest like Miss Muslimah,, it just like Miss world contest.. but I think that’s just a kind of beauty contest and not show that fierce impressions.. really editorial and show “fashion” in moslem wear.

Hmmmm you know what,,, I might really inspired by fashion photoshoot.. that made me sometimes wanted to try different pose like “fashion” look hahahaa.. just looks alike fashion blogger or just kinda like that heheheeee… even nowadays believe it or not I really like to take pictures and of course being captured in cam, even just using mobile πŸ˜›

If I had an opportunity again in my young age,, of course I wanted to try anything that I loved to do πŸ˜€ and fashion still be the one that I really feel “in” to it.

What I’m wearing:

Long outer: Mobile Power | Shoes : Donatello | Hijab : Rawis (Unlabeled) | Pants : Cullote (Unlabeled). Check out my store on : Deeahstore

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