Adventure in Pink


A sweet life, always have past.. a bitter life, always want to quickly run to the future ๐Ÿ˜›

Holla again guyss.. how are you? hope you doing fine today, always staying healthy and of course keep on spirit to move on, to face whatever it takes to deal with your challenge.

This ADVENTURE IN PINK.. Anyway busway, what adventure means to you? have you been on adventure that you never forget? of course.. even when you’re not went traveling.. everyday is an adventure ohh yeesss!. Whether you planned it before or spontaneous.. both of them having their own fun.

For me the fun thing is when we starting an adventure on spontaneous and just wonder what the surprise, what the challenge and sometimes without plan it can be a mess or it also can be something “cool” that we’re never expected and that’s a moment that we’ll we remember for a life time.

No matter how old are you.. it doesn’t even matters, as long as you feelin good, healthy to walk and hangout, tryin something challenging yourself is something kinda cool, you could aged.. of course we’re growin older but our soul just never ๐Ÿ˜€

Challenging ourself.. it means have fun! It is not about what age you are but more to how much fun in your age that you’ve had had.. that you’ve been through.. if you feels that’s not much.. it’s not too late to even starting it right now. Cause you deserved to it! Yaaay! just move and have fun you guyss…!

Something crazy, even something crazier in your age.. will making you even feelin younger, feelin challenge, feelin adrenaline beats you up.. and that feelin is sooooo good. Me myself, I really wanted to challenge myself to do parasailing or paraskiing.. surfing that we dragged by a parachute above us.. or even climbing a higher mountain.. that would be great, and that’s a getaway that ourself needs to even encourage ourself, to refresh and even makin us having more great or crazy ideas.

Wow… I really love how I’m also doing an adventure here, writing is such a fun for me to do but doing something outdoor activities and go on an adventure.. even it is a spontaneous one, that would be just so cool right.. makin our body keep movin, sweating.. healthy and yeaaay and yes of course refreshing.

So just don’t forget to explore, taking your friend’s hand and take them to the place that she or he never been before. That is the real adventure means.. it’s not about the place.. it’s about the journey to go there. Just looove it!.

See yaa next post dear guyys from ADVENTURE IN PINK named Dee hihiiii. XOXO

Ps: Just takin care of you’re lovely tourism place, do not makin a scratches.. even you wanted to express your love to your lovely one.. just tell her or him that would be better.. hihiii..

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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