A Hijab Story (With Love)


Eat the ice cream before it melts.. Seize the day and just enjoy 😀

Hello, Guysss.. How are you today? I know I have been here and there and everywhere everyday heheee. I hope you doing good as always and taking care of your good health, keep on spirit to face whatever challenges in your life.

Anyway busway.. Salam, Love from far far away here 🙂 Today’s post is about : A Hijab Story (With Love). There must be a story before you started to wearing hijab.. the unique one, the special one, the marvelous one.. even the magical one.. I believe every muslimah having their own story with hijab.

No matter where you are in your hijab journey and story, I hope that I also can inspire and encourage you through my experiences wearing hijab inshaAllah. Some of them called it veil, scarf, headscarf.. or whatever you want to call it and the way you covered it.. just enjoy!.

For you who already wearing hijab.. Alhamdulillah.. and for you who might be planning on wearing hijab one day down the line.. just start it slow and try to find your own style, the comfy one.. gain you more confidence with it. Just flow with the flows.. at least just keep on your faith (the main reason why wearing it, your good intention).

There must be a time when you’re not really sure when and don’t really want to think about “wearing hijab”, fulfill the obligation as a muslimah and need an advice on how to start dressing more modestly. Or maybe you already wear hijab and are struggling with self-confidence and are in need of lots motivation to continue on.  I also have been the girl in all of those kinda scenarios and after couple of years wearing hijab alhamdulillah, I can say that I have some good advice to share my story. I’m hoping you also can find hijab is a little easier with my tips and all sharing things here inshaAllah 🙂

Hijab is definitely more than just a scarf to covered your hair (even though that is actually the scariest part). I used to dressed pretty modestly for a teenage girl, wearing the casual short sleeve shirt in everyday’s life, but now I’m not feelin that confidence if not wearing hijab, so it’s like already a part of my life.

And whatever your hijab style that comfy you, you can always be the same girl as you are!! Nothing change.. just the taste of fashion that follows the hijab in modesty.

Hijab is actually won’t stop you from anything you want to do in your life! You may have to work harder to find the modest clothing for the occasion for your daily activities, but Allah will reward you for every struggle and is proudly watching as you want to pleased Him.
As time passed by, hijab will gain confidence and soon you won’t even remember you’re wearing it! It’s kinda be your part that can not be separated from your daily life. May Allah SWT make hijab easy for all of us and reward us for our efforts! Aameen..

It’s just world in my minds. A Hijab Story (With Love).. We will continue it next time anyway heheee. See yaa next post dear guysss.. XOXO.

Ps: I’m personally still learning and struggling everyday to find the modest hijab style on my own. So just don’t judge the people by it’s cover.. I want to show that Muslims are friendly, peaceful people.

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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