A Girl with so much (Bucket List)


Live the live you want to, not the one you’re supposed to.

Olla everyone…! It’s me again anyway hahaaa just fun and enjoy, don’t take it so seriously because sometimes we just need to chill.

It’s A Girl With So Much Bucket List. You know what sometimes.. I just think out of the box, think so wild and just crazy 😀 it’s because actually I’m the one that really like adventure, something with challenge.. with adrenaline, something that will make difference.. something bold, something mysteriously, something that I’m always curious with.. so much much things on my minds.

One thing that I wish to is I hope that I could travel out of Java, I have once actually went to Bali when in Junior high school for school trip long long time ago with my friends mate, but I’m not making a good memory.. so just wanna go back there again someday.

Anyway.. continue, I feels like wanna travel again by ship again, or even just passenger ferry like when I accrossed to Bali.. I wanna accross the Sundanese passage, with backpacker or I expect accidentally or just plan it or not, whatever.. I just wanna feel the experience of that. God please, I wish for it comes to real..!.

You know what on above picture, I no need to go to Minang to pose in front of Minangkabau’s traditional house in West Sumatera anyway.. you know what it’s just a place near Jakarta actually heheeeh.. Ahhh.. I just wanna feels the real feel when I pose in front of the real place it should be.

I hope and I really hope that, just one of my wishlist.. just simple list, sometimes we need to do something out of the boxes to keepin feel live, having more spirit and more experiences, to feel and think from the other side.. to experiences different angle 😀

Just let me know what are you thinkin guys!!! Please share whatever your random bucket list.. because it would be fun, tryin to make it real!. and even challenge if you just could visit the wonderful Indonesia.

It just A Girl With So Much Bucket List. See yaa next post you guys anyway!!!!.

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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