A Girl Turning Older (Stays Young)



Girls be like, caught off guard but still cute 😛

Haai guuysss.. how are you today? hope you doing well, takin care of your good health as always and don’t forget to even smile.

It me again anyway heheee. Just another post on the blog.. I’m really productive this week, hmm then should I reward myself of to that? of course I won’t reject that gift hahaaa.. LOL Just for fun 😀

A Girl Turning Older (Stays Young). There is a girl, she actually turning older but deeply in hear heart she just keepin to stays young. Yuppzz.. we might can go older every year but our spirit just don’t.

This might end of her tweenties.. but she even still feelin to be a high school student in everyday life hahaaa.. just so confident. It’s ok laah yaaach!.

Ahhh.. girl, you’re so quickly grown up these day, so mature but still keepin that kinda silly things that already been part of you are. So much imperfections are just complete the pieces of you.

More simpler, more calming, and.. actually still havin a dream that really wanted to capture, wanted to catch.. in some way, not just design and fashion enthusiasm.. but also photography. I would love to make a portfolio someday and portray it to you all… Ahh I really ethusiast about it.. sometime..

I hope i could start a hip project, something cool.. somethin simple thing that I would like to starts from the scratch. I really have a passion in it.. and I hope I can catch that kinda beautiful pictures and dream in front of my heads..

She’s not the one that really enjoy just to sit, she wants to get involved.. come directly to the fields, a girl that not even afraid a dirty and messy work.. it’s not that kinda “dirty” things.. it means that something messy.. anyway 😛

She would love to.. standing on her own feets. Wanna be better for her around environments.. Bismillah! Takin action – hard work and beyond..

See yaa next post dear guyss.. XOXO.

Ps: Sorry for the bad quality of the pics anyway heheee.. just ignore.

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