A Girl, Swing on Her Skirt


Eat your ice cream before it melts.. seize the day and enjoy 😀

Holla everyone.. how are you today? hope you doing well yaaa, keep on spirit and enjoy whatever challenge in your way. Don’t forget to keep your good health as you know that being healthy is such a prescious one..

Hmmm anyway busway, there is A girl, swing on her skirt. Pardon me if my grammar was bad, but that’s okay! I’m not writing here for an exam right hahaaa LOL. Just for fun and enjoy guyss!!!

Continue our disscussion, about a girl.. it’s been a long long time she’s not wearing a skirt, even it can be the first time she tryin to wear a girly look. It doesn’t mean she didn’t like to wear something feminine, not at all.. it just she feels like still not really confident in wearing it.

A girl, swing on her skirt. It such a joy and real fun.. wearing a skirt and swing.. swing, how fabulous.. how feminine and how’s girly it is. Wearing skirt sometimes she experience can not moving freely, still lokin for the best skirt model and design to make her even comfier to wear and likely wear a “skirt”.

You know what guuysss! wearing skirt is really an instant look to being a real “girl”, because some said that if not wearing skirt, the girl isn’t complete.. hmmm I dunno who said that, but still yeeaah wearing skirt is something that man’s can’t wear anyway 😛 We can wear pants, trousers, and skirt, but we can’t reverse it to men of course 😛 hihii.. that’s how a bless being a women, just proud to that!. Having one more advantage that real we are so different.

You know what, until now.. dee still tryin to suits her best with a skirt look, she even really often to wear it, just gimme a little courage to wear it more often.. at least I’m tryin to be looks like a “girl”, even yeaaah the fact is I’m real girl.. but still can not leave the tomboyish look and style 😛

I even want to design a freely skirt, a skirt which can make a girl moving freely and not afraid again that skirt will limitate their moves in daily activities, but still I can not find the one that really suits me well.. I found a pants that combined with skirt, but still it looks like a bit weird.. but yaaa I just tryin to accept that skirt is a skirt, can not be replaced to give a women a girly looks.

See yaaa next post dear guysss!!! Just feel freely to gimme a comment, because I really needs your advice in choosing or finding the right skirt dee needs to wear 😀

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