A Girl, She Likes a Challenge


I wasn’t lucky, I deserved it 🙂

Olla everyone.. How are you today? I hope you doing well as always, keep on spirit to face whatever challenge in your life.

A girl, she likes a challenge. There is a girl, she just likes to explore, she likes a challenge.. It just reminds dee when she was a child, she just love to climb.. not a mountain but neighbour’s guava tree 😛 she even could climb a coconut tree 😀

She fell off from a tree even often, and got injured several times.. even she just not afraid to climb again and again.. even her mom caught her and she just listening what his mom advice.. in long long speech 😛

You know what guysss before she wearing hijab as she is today, she used to think that she should be born as a boy. She wondering why.. she plays like a boys, she just really get along with her child friend and mostly boys.. she even having hair like a boy’s cut, and she is the only girl.

But now, she just blessed.. blessed to be born as a girl and just laugh when remembering what she just acted when she was a child. Sometimes.. she just wanna go back and freeze that moment, because now when she is becoming a big girl.. she really hard to find a “real” friend. Face the real world girl!!!. Sometimes it’s not even as beautiful as in the drama or movie..

Anyway busway.. it’s just another side of her when she was a child. Even now when you want to challenge her to climb a tree, she just don’t afraid 😀 want a bet? hahaaaa…

Who says wearing hijab can not doing free activities, hijab isn’t something that can limitate muslimah activities in daily. Nowadays even so much inspiring muslimah with hijab, hijabers that having so much achievement.. by wearing their veil, their head scarf.. it just even make them prettier. Just be yourself and shine! don’t be afraid of any challenge..

See yaa next post dear guys anyway!! You too, yah you are guysss.. just don’t be afraid of whatever challenge in your life, just make it fun.. be strong and just don’t lose your hope.

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