A Girl : She Just So Curious


Life is short, false, itโ€™s the longes thing you do ๐Ÿ˜›

Hiii guysss.. it’s been a while, I hope you doing fine as always. Keep on spirit to struggle and have faith to face whatever challenge in your life.

There is a girl, she just so curious. She always curious of everythings.. but actually she needs to learn so much more.

She just like a tiny little girl, she wanna frosting on that moment.. having an enthusiasm that would never fades. She will start to ask.. so please just guide her. Giving her the right explanations.. otherwise she just even confused ๐Ÿ˜€

She just so curious.. she wanna learn with patient, but sometimes she just so stubborn.. until she made a mistake, she just realized..

What is it look a like, how to make it.. how it can be like that.. what’s the result.. what’s the effect.. what’s the..? questions never end.

She never give up, never give in.. until she learn bout something. Even she just so curious of her pictures.. when it comes not even right, she just know.. how to get style until it just fits.. hahaaaa pardon.

Ps: She really is just so curious how to learn.. even taking a single picture is something that interesting.

Actually guysss.. I don’t know what to post, just flowing.. heheee see yaa next post. XOXO

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