A Girl, Just so simple


The biggest challenge in life is being yourself…in a world trying to make you just like everyone else.

Holla everyone…! How have you been? hope you doing well yaaa, it’s just been a while since I’m not getting well in a week, you know what it’s just even worst when you far far away from your parents.. just tryin to taking care of yourself even when you feels like needing someone elses to treat you.

But that’s okay, I always strong enough to passed the days and just survived 😀 because that’s the one that I can do, instead of making them even more worried right.. yeeaaay just cheeer and be gratefull, because health is something that really prescious.

Anyway busway.. there is a girl, she just so simple. She tryin to find the best style, even changing, trying to mix and match.. tryin to find something that really comfy on her and suits her with whatever happen in daily basis.

She’s wearing hijab, and it doesn’t mean that she loses her opportunity to get a chance and accepted by the community. She finds it difficult at the beginning but then she faces whatever it takes to keep her wearing it’s crown.. hijab is her signature and now she just even not comfy if not wearing it.

If you know her, please please do not hesitate to just greet! she would love it 😀 she just smile her best and sincere.

The mature she is, the more simpler. A girl, and she just so simple.. just like that, so sassy tiny little girl in a big big world. Sometimes she just so stubborn but not that head rocks 😛

Just don’t afraid to be yourself, to reveal your true colour.. even wearing hijab is also a style, a signature for muslimah.. whatever challenge that you face, just keep your faith and be strong enough to stand!!!!

It just the world in my mind. A girl, just so simple.. even not as simple as written, but at least simplicity is the true keynote of elegance 😀

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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