A Girl is waiting (in silent)


Being single is smarter than being in the wrong relationship

You know what guys! Hello, hi… sometimes, waiting is such a boring thing. When you’re not someone who is patient enough.. you might quickly get bored.

It’s not easy as it’s looks like. It’s not that simply as seen, even if you need to wait for such a long.. long time, or even you don’t have something creative to do, you might easily feels just wasting times.

But nothing is not worthy in this world, just believe and keep on your faith.. whatever you’ve been waiting for with passion, sincere.. it’s worth it! I believe.

Just don’t ever give up gurls.. A girl is waiting  just the title, yaaaa of course in the end of your path, you’ll find what you’re really waiting for. Even if there is nothing 😛 you still need to be proud of yourself, just tryin to learn what life has taught you with so much lessons.

It’s just like climbing to top of the mountains and even you feels like wanna give up in the middle of the way, even when you almost get there. But you know what, your patient is just worth, at least you still can smile and see the breathtaking scenery on the way there.

There is a girl waiting in silent, she just always believe, having faith on her deeply soul.. her minds just so simple, and she smiles no matter what happen.

See yaa next post dear guys!!!  XOXO

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!