A Girl in grey (mood)


Stop looking for happiness in the same place you just lost it.

Holla everyone..! how are you today? it’s been a while.. I hope you always doing good and keep on spirit as usual, smile and facing everything happens on your way with big big heart.

It just a girl in grey mood. Another outfits post on the blog, you know what guys? besides black, white.. grey is also a color mood, endless color and it just so cool for casual, sporty look in an instant, and still I consider it as three best color for elegant look.

Not only boys loved it, but girls..like me yaaa 😀 I really like how this grey color is just making you no need to add something more complicated, you don’t need anything just using anything grey color and that’s it.

Mix and match your grey color with whatever you like, just like sporty pants, jeans and even skirt.. even it’s also looks expensive and elegant if you made a grey color as a suit.

It’s really cool and you just lookin good. Not that bold color, but the difference is this grey color mood is giving different style, more urban.. and just fine.

Hmm how about you guys? do you like these color also or not..? you just need to try it as one of your pick color for sporty yet elegant look.

A girl in grey (mood). She just real comfy in wearing it, so casual.. so sporty, so fits for streetstyle look, and of course so… simple, to just pick and wear.

Simple is better, less is more. That’s just my simple thought anyway.. so just enjoy!!!

See yaa next post guyss anyway 😀


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