A Girl, Act Like a Lady


Don’t hate yourself in regret, just love yourself and you’re set 🙂

Hello everyone..!!! how are you today? hope you doing good and keep on spirit as always to face every challenge in your path.

It just another outfit post on the blog. A girl, act like a Lady.. You know what guuys, the more here, the more older.. she just tryin to be more simple, whether it is in style, in picking the clothes to wear, or even picking everything.. just not that complicated one.

Wearing hijab, covering hair is not something weird, now it’s becoming even more trendy and hits.. and for me it’s more like an identity of a muslimah. It’s their signature style and now hijab is more modern, modest and can be a part of global fashion.

Just cover up. Being a mystery is more sexy than showing every inch of yourself off right? so just do not afraid of wearing your hijab, it’s your choice.. it’s your style and just be yourself by showing who you really are through hijab, and being fashionable is not prohibitted, it’s a part of dynamic women, a lady who turns complete.

Hijab isn’t reduce your beauty, you even more prettier and looks brighter, whatever your skin tone or your face’s shape, there much way more to wearing hijab in a modest style, just find one that really sticks to you, that suits you best and shine gurlss yaaaay!!!.

A girl, act like a Lady. The more mature she is, the more simpler in choosing outfits.. it’s not because she just loves black and white color, she likes another colourfull color when it comes to painting, arts.. it’s because black and white is the right color when you wanna looks young 😀

Last but not least love yourself and shine, whatever your color is just don’t be afraid to show it..You have voice to be heard, you have pink hair to be shown, you have modest hijab to be worn, by wearing hijab or not that’s is just your choice and option. Live the life you wanted to be, wear the comfiest clothes that you like to wear and show to the world.. it just okay to speak out loud!!!

Act like a lady, being mature is not means that you’re now an old girl. Wearing hijab might not sexy and be covered up, but your brain is more important and sexier when it comes to knowledge. Be a smart girl!!! Yeaaaay!!!! There is also A Girl, She is so simple.

See yaa next post dear guyssss 😀 XOXO

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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