A Girl – Act Like A Child


Meanwhile at “Mandi Bola” – Balls bath 😛 Just Enjooy!!!

Hi guysss.. how are you? it’s been a while since I’m not posting heheee. We meet again anyway, hmm you might missed me already hahaaa LOL. Just for fun anyway!

There is a girl. She act like a child.. she really enjoy the day when her minds taking her back to her childhood. Running.. playing traditionals games, climbing a tree.. her out loud laugh.. swimming in to the river with the ganks hahaaa.. she might already forgot that because when she starts to grow, she even can not swim at all.. even experienced in drowning.

Anyway, there is a time when she acting just like a kid. She really enjoys when it comes to playing with kids.. ahhh dive into their world. Playing, just having fun.. and smile and cheers.. that’s just kids, whatever happen they just want to play, to have fun. Just let them be.. they’re just a kid. But I’m not anymore unfortunately hhaaahaaa 😀

I’m so grateful.. having kids memory even there is a time when I feel like in sadness, but the memories of that sweet things would just make me keepin to be more grateful. I’m feelin so bless.. Thank You!.

I wanna spread out that cheerish.. Just be like a kid in the right time. In the time that you should be.. and just feelin the out loud laugh. So, don’t be afraid to express yourself even your child kinda act things.. that’s just another side and pieces of you..

See yaa next post dear guyss.. XOXO.

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